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Walters Gordon SR Family



 John Gordon Walters wedding picture July 10,1898


Where Gordon Walters worked in Chicago,IL before 1900.

 Eight child  John  Gordon  Walters  SR. of Aaron & Melinda Cooper Walters.
Eva Hyde Walters born 30 April 1881 died 29 Dec 1949. Parents of 12 children.
Gordon & Eva Walters and last 7 children. Love that car. 1926  maybe 
Another picture of  Gord's family.
Eva Hyde Walters wife of  John Gordon Walters . He was always called  J.G or Gord.
This is a page in  the Aaron Walters Family Bible which Helen Walters Jennings has now. Picture of 6 boys below.
 Garland Walters  is the one named Thompson
First child of Gord & Eva Walters. Earl J was born 26 Dec 1898 and died 15 Jan 1975. Married Esther Stroup (DIV) Had a son Earl J Jr born April 1940 (M) a Irene (DIV) she was living in Cedar Rapids, Ia in 1975 when Earl Sr passed away. According to a letter she wrote to Marie Walters at Earl's death.
Earl Walters SR. 1898-1975
Earl J Walters Jr and wife Irene (DIV) "Maybe" had a child Thomas Walters. Irene was living in Cedar Rapids Iowa  1975 when Earl Walters SR passed away . According to a letter she wrote to Marie Walters.
Pat Costigan, Marie Walters, Fred Schrader  at the George & Ann Wittman Costigan farm. Only picture I could find of Marie Walters when a young girl.
2nd child of Gordon & Eva Hyde Walters. Marie was born 4 May,1901 (D) Feb 1987 at Guttenberg Care Center, Guttenberg,Iowa. She was single and a school teacher
 Third child of Gord & Eva. August Ferdinind Walters born 26 Sept 1903 died Feb 1986 at Dubuque. Married Loraine Fessler . No children
Sula Walters Confirmation picture with who from St John's church Garber,Ia May 1927
Sula Walters at the farm . Nice big barn on the farm.
4th child  Sula Walters  born Aug 28,1905 fourth child of Gordon and Eva married Fred Schrader . Had Lila and Daune. He worked for Shell oil company and Sula was a school teacher.
Sula Walters Feb 14,1953. Taught third grade at Guttenberg,Iowa
Sula Walters & husband Fred Schrader
Lila and Duane Schrader children of Fred & Sula Walters Schrader.
Lilia 1932-2005  Duane 1934- 2009 Graduation pictures.
5th child of Gordon & Eva Hyde Walters. John Gordon  Jr. was born 14 Aug. 1907  Garber,Iowa died 07 Sept 2001 Bakersfield, CA. (M) Nometta Evans (B) 28 Jan. 1910 (D) 27 March 1988 at Bakersfield, CA.
Gordon Walters Jr and wife Nomettae Evans Walters. taken in Mobile home which they later sold.
Gordon Walters Jr. & wife Nometta Evans
 Eva Hyde Walters and twins Donald & Dorthy born Aug 21,1920 at Garber,Iowa on the home place of Aaron Walters.
10th child  Lowell Walters  son of Gordon and Eva Hyde Walters born 11,N0v 1918. died Jan 20,1989 married Joann Back. Had 3 boys
Which Walters brother and wife? Aunt Martha Bowman , mother Eva  Hyde Walters and sister Sula Mae Schrader
Lowell maybe, Sula Walters husband  Fred Schrader,Earl Walters ,Jean and Raymond Walters
 6th child Clifford Walters and 8th child  Russell Walters child don't know if Russell and Bette had any????
L-R Clifford Walters & Garland Walters July 1986
Garland Walters  ,Sula Walters Schrader & Clifford Walters July 1986 at Sula home in Guttenberg,Iowa
Garland Walters 7th child of Gordon and Eva Hyde Walters born  6 Oct,1911 in Mallory Twp Clayton Co Iowa. Garber,Iowa Died 13 may 2002 Yountville, Napa Ca.
Garland  Gilbert  Walters  7th child of Gordon & Eva Walters
8th child of Gordon & Eva Hyde Walters Rusell Sage born 23 Aug 1913 and died 24 Aug 1995 ElMonte Los Angels, CA . Married to a Bette? . Maybe one child not for sure.
9th child of Gordon & Eva Hyde Walters. Garber,Iowa
9th child of Gordon and Eva born Aug 13,1913 and died March 1981 (m) Jean McNamara from Newton ,Iowa. They had 2 girls. Jean was born aug 27, 1929.
11th child of Gordon & Eva Hyde Walters. Twin to 12th child  Donald'
Dorothy was born 21 Aug. 1920 at Garber,Iowa Died 09 Jan 2000 (M) Charles Foster Legeman 7 June, 1944  Long Beach ,CA Charles was born 17 April 1920 and died 15 Jan 1993. He was  a Lt. in the Army and then became a lawyer. If I have it right his father was a lawyer
Dorthy Walters Legeman 1979.
1985 Sisters Dorothy Walters(B)  1920. Sula Walters(B) 1905.
Donald Walters Senior Picture 1940 . twin to Dorothy.
12  child born a twin to Dorothy Aug 21,1920 died Nov 1977 in Africa and buried in Spain.
Donald &  Dorothy Walters born Aug  21,1920,
One on the left would be Lowell ,Dorothy , Mother Eva and Donald Walters
Gordon & Eva Hyde Walters sons. they lived  near Garber. notice the one boy with his thumb in his mouth. He didn't have an  animal to care  for. No shoes on. The kids of today don't realize what hard times are.
Walters sons of Gord & Eva. Probably L-R  Earl, August & John Gordon.