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Schrader Family Henry C A

Henry C A Schrader  born May 20,1861. On Sept 22,1887 He married Sophia Kuehl (B) 20 Sept 1867- (D) 13 Feb 1922 daugther of Joachim and Mary Dorothy Fick. They had Chris 3 July 1888 in Volga Township and died 19 July 1888.   second child Elizabeth. third Doris "Dora" 1892, Fourth Henry Peter 26 March 1894.  fifth Sophia D 13 Sept 1897 died 29 Jan 1916. sixth Fred Aug 15,1903  died 5 Aug 1990/ Martha born 30 March 1907 died 1942. Parents, Chris ,Sophia and Martha   are buried  at Elkport Lutheran Church Cemetery. Elkport,Iowa.
Found this picture on a postcard with 5 other guys. could this be a conformation picture for Henry C A Schrader.
This is Fred's wedding picture
Elizabeth Schrader Menge Barnard Born 28 Jan 1890 died 22 Nov 1928 Married James 24 Dec 1919. James born 28 Nov 1878 died 30 Aug 1962. Elizabeth was married to Louis  J  Menge first 1908 and he was born 28 Jan 1888 and died 2 June 1914 at Beaverton, Mont son of August Menge and Mary Putz. To this union was born Marguerite Menge  born 8 Sept 1910 and married LeRoy Good 30 June 1943 Missoula, Mt. Bermard Joseph born 2 June 1912 Elkport,Ia and died 20 June 1972 Glasgow,Mt. Married 24 Dec 1936 to Pansy Bunse at Plevna,MT. Louis Menge third child was born Beaverton,Mt  21 Jun 1914 and died 17 June 1923 burial Saco,Mt with his father Louis Menge.
James and Elizabeth had 3 childrenViolet born 17  April 1921.Vincent Barnard born 18 July 1922 Beverton, MT died Sept 1995.
Vivian born 11 Oct.1924 died 21 Aug 2006 Lauerl, Nt Yellowstone.
Could this be Sophia Kuehl Schrader, son Henry born 26 March 1894, died Jan 1977 Dora born 28 Jan 1892 died 3 Dec 1971. Henry C A Schrader 20 May 1859 died 23 March 1936. Sophia Kuehl was born 20 Sept, 1867 and died 13 Feb 1922.
Or could this be William Costigan & wife Cora Beddow with Anna Costigan &  Henry Schrader. A good question.
Burial Elkport Lutheran Cemetery Elkport,Iowa.   Of  Sophia and Henry.
Marguerite Menge daughter of Louis Menge & Elizabeth Schrader.born 8 Sept. 1910 Married Leroy Good 30 June 1934. She was a school teacher.
L-R Dora Schrader,Sula Walters & HenrySchrader, Marguerite Menge Good was born 1910, Henry & Anna Costigan Schrader taken at Guttenberg,Iowa
Doris "Dora" Schrader  born April 11,1892 and died Dec 3, 1971.
Henry & Anna Costigan Schrader. Had a son Stanley. He had 4 children
Fred Schrader born Aug 15,1903 died 5 Aug 1990 Married 12 May 1931 to Sula Mae Walters at Elkport,Iowa. Parents of Lila Jean and Frederick Duane
Fred Schrader of Elkport,Iowa. Married Sula Walters
Lila  & Duane Schrader children of Fred and Sula Schrader. Graduation pictures. Lila Feb.16 1932-Dec 4, 2005 Duane March 29 1934- Feb 5,2009
Fred & Sula Walters Schrader children Lila & Duane
Fred & Henry Schrader. Henry was the oldest (B) 26 March 1894 (D) Jan.1977 Monticello,Iowa Jones county. Fred was bornAug 15,1903 died 5 Aug 1990.
L-R  Sula Walters & Husband Fred Schrader, Henry & Anna Costigan Schrader. Henry and Anna had one child Stanley and he had 4 children. All living out west.
Fred Schrader,Sula, Could the next one be Stanley Schrader and His wife? Sister Doris Schrader , Henry Schrader and his wife parents of Stanley, Maybe Marguerite Good?
Some of the Schrader Family from out west.
This is Marguerite Menge & LeRoy Good wedding . With his brother and his wife.
This is Elizabeth Schrader and husband with their 3 children. Could the other couple be Henry Schrader and wife Anna Costigan ? who would the girl be Marguerite Menge?
This has to be Henry and Anna Schrader and  Elizabeth Schrader and Husband James Barnard. Look at the dresses.