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Ruegnitz Family


Charles "Carl" Ruegnitz
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Charles "Carl" Ruegnitz
Charles "Carl" Ruegnitz 1822-1882

Charles 'Carl' Ruegnitz was born January 27, 1822 in Near Waren, Mecklenberg, Germany. He emigrated from Hamburg, Germany to New York in 1864 with wife Mary Meder Ruegnitz. They had 7 sons and 3 daughters. One son, Louis was born 1865 in Iowa. His occupation was a cooper. Carl died in August 1882 in Clayton Co. Burial is at Clayton cemetery.

George W. Ruegnitz & Augusta Blanchaine wedding 1876
George W. Ruegnitz and Augusta Blanchaine

George W. Ruegnitz, son of Carl and Mary Ruegnitz, was born March 1851 in Mecklenburg,Germany. He married Augusta Blanchaine on December 10,1876. She was born September 9, 1856 in Clayton Co, the daughter of Charles Blanchaine Sr. & Caroline Stahl. George died March 13, 1923. He is buried in the Union cemetery, Littleport. Augusta died October 7, 1923 and is buried with her husband at Union cemetery.

George C. Ruegnitz JR & Rosa Ann Enderes, 1905 wedding photo
George C. Ruegnitz JR & Rosa Ann Enderes
wedding November 9, 1905

George C Ruegnitz, son of George W. Ruegnitz & Augusta Blanchaine was born in 1881 at Elkport. Rosa Ann Enderes was born in 1887 in Littleport. They were the parents of Ranson J., Roy C., Raymond G., Kenneth & Ruth Rose. George died in 1938 and Rosa in 1978, burial at Union Cemetery Littleport.