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Plagman Barn Mintues

                                   January 2008 Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order at 1:30 by President Tibbott.
The first item for discussion was a review of 2007 and congratulations to all members, volunteers,
and partner groups who helped throughout the year. A check for $500 was presented to the group from the
Desparadoes. Thank you to our friends from the Desparado organization!
Next was Secretary Report. Motion Ken Demarc Second Ed Bolsinger to approve. Motion carried
Treasurer's Report was given by Lavern Haas.
Nov 1 Balance     $9560.18
Income            $ 987.00
Expenses          $1631.81
Nov 30 Balance    $8915.37
Dec 1 Balance     $8915.37
Income            $1940.55
Expenses          $ 549.88
Dec 31 Balance   $10306.04
Investment CD
Balance $10563.67 includes interest earned for 2007, which was $264.38.
Motion Keith Second by Scott to approve Treasurer Report. Motion carried.
The next item for discussion was the horse powered threshing machine.
After much discussion, Andy motioned Eugene second to purchase the remaining half.
Motion carried.
The next item for discussion was the DVD and website and the expenses incurred.
Motion Larry Second Ed to approve expenses.
Next item for discussion was an update on the grant requests we were involved in.
The request through the Iowa Cultural Affairs was not selected. We have applied to
Clayton County for a grant, and a grant request thru the UMGC was in progress, due
into them by the end of February.
Jim asked for volunteers to help work on the 2008 budget after the meeting. Anyone wishing
to participate is encouraged to attend.
The next item for discussion was the steam engine. Jim is working on a training class with
Craig's Restoration. This will cover operation and preservation of the steam engine. A class will
be held in the spring. Anyone interested in attending should let Jim know.
The next item for discussion was the grill situation in the hamburger stand. Two 3 foot by 3 foot
stainless steel grills have been purchased. They will be checked out and ready for Showdays.
Ed Bolsinger has contacted Maxx Armstrong with RFD-TV, and will be trying to convince him to attend our show.
LaVern reviewed our financial situation for 2007, compared to previous years. We reduced our electric
bill by $254.40 compared to 2006. A general discussion of the 2007 year followed, with many voices and
ideas being heard.
Ed asked if we could build a deck on the south end of the saloon. This will be on the March agenda,
along with a discussion of a second exit from the red barn.
Thank you Bill for volunteering!
Motion Larry B second Larry M to adjorn. Motion carried. Adjourned at 2:45



November Plagman meeting Minutes


 Jim Tibbott
E-mail Address(es):


Any questions e-mail Jim.


The regular meeting for October 2007 was held at the Anchor Inn in Garber on October 14th. The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM, by President Jim Tibbott. Volunteers were solicited to fill the vacant Secretary position. No volunteers stepped forward. Diane Courtney volunteered to take minutes for the men’s meeting.

A joint meeting began with a few words regarding Delpha Moser. A card was passed around the room for members to sign.

A discussion regarding the results for Show Days. Most comments received thus far have been positive. The income exceeded 2006 by approximately $1500 for the men’s group. The checking account balance looks very good. Special thanks to all who participated in the show.

Many accomplishments for 2007, and much to do before the 2008 weekend.

The floor was given to Lavern Haas to discuss the financial results for Show Days. A total of $27,783.63 was deposited in September. The majority of this deposit was from Show Days. The raffle tractor exceed $6400 in ticket sales. The previous best was the Minneapolis Moline which sold $3718.

Janet Schroeder discussed the Women’s Auxiliary results. A total deposit of $13,327.07 was made after Show Days. This was the largest in over 10 years.

Jim Tibbott thanked everyone who played a part in the Show Days. Financial results reflect a very successful year for the organization.

The pictures taken by Larry Stone were passed around for review. The group discussed the possibility of putting the pictures on a CD as has been done in the past. Additionally, a picture of Diane Bickford receiving the keys to the John Deere tractor was passed around the room. Also discussed 2 DVD’ s taken during Show Days. By November meeting we should have answers to how to view and order DVD’s and pictures.

The Plagman Barn web site was discussed. The domain name www.plagmanbarn.com is available and will cost $10 per year to retain. Jim reported a discussion with Joleen Jansen with Jansen Products regarding assistance with the website. She will charge around $300 onetime fee to assist. This website will contain calendar of events, pictures, contact information. Also discussed was the need for server space, DSL access, and Alpine Communications programs for non profit groups.

A discussion regarding DSL technology, Clayton County web site access from September meeting, and cost of advertisement verses website.

Janet Schroeder motion, Betty Burrels seconded to get the web site. Motion carried.

Janet mentioned the Fire Department/EMS donation. We normally pay $50 to Fire Department and $50 to the EMS, split half and half between the men’s and women’s groups. Jim Tibbott suggested that since we had a good year, perhaps we could increase our donation to $150 per group. Larry Borcherding motioned, Clyde Jennings second. Motion carried.

The 2008 calendar of events was discussed next.


JuneFest will be June 8th 11:00 AM until all are served, music will be from 12:30 until 4:30

Country Breakfast will be July 13th Serving from 8:00AM until 12 Noon.

August Barn Dance will be held August 10th from 12:30 until 4:30.

Show Days will be held September 19,20,21

Discussed the possibility of adding more dances. It has been decided to stay as is for 2008.

Verla Schultz reported good feedback regarding the band Keepin it Country.

Thank yous went out to Ray and Joe Willie for the chicken dinner.

Ed Bolsinger will see if he can contact Max Armstrong. He is an IH fan. Perhaps he will visit show days 2008.

We next discussed the Christmas party. It is typically held the first Sunday of December, but due to many busy calendars, it was discussed that perhaps we could have the Christmas party in January. Janet Schroeder motioned to have the Christmas party on January 13th at the Anchor Inn at 12 Noon, with a meeting to follow. Second by Mary Tibbott. Motion carried.

Next item for discussion was the possibility of changing the meeting time. It was decided by show of hands to hold the November, February and March meetings at 1:00 PM. The April - October meetings will be normal 7:30 start time.

At this point the joint meeting ended and the men’s group started their meeting.

Lavern Haas provided the Treasurer’s Report.

Check book Balance as of September 1 $750.58

Expenses $12,695.28

Income $27783.63

Balance September 30th $15838.93

Merwin Tibbott motioned to approve Treasurer’s Report. Casey Goerdt second. Motion carried.

No minutes from the September meeting were read due to open Secretary position. Dick Owing will be contacted regarding turning in Secretary records and minutes.

A lengthy discussion regarding the steam engines, state inspection requirements and problems with the traction engine. It has been agreed that we need a certified steam engine person to give us advise. Tabled until the November meeting.

The water hydrant by the hamburger stand is leaking. Larry Borcherding motion, Clyde Jennings seconded getting the hydrant repaired. Motion carried.

Discussion regarding Farm Show Directory advertisement. No action taken

Discussed the Minneapolis Moline cornsheller, corn crib and downed corn in the field in Elkport. Looking for a donated corn crib. We can decide if we want it if one come available.

Members turned in expenses

Casey Goerdt $38.22 for trailer repairs and mileage for moving the tractor.

Mark Behrends $13.44 for gas for the rock crusher engine for show days and for material for the outhouse.

Jim Tibbott $643.15 for mileage expenses, part for tractors, and meals

Expenses were approved.

The raffle tractor situation was discussed. Farmall H will be used for the 2008 tractor. $1400. A committee will begin looking for a Case for 2009. No more than $800 unless it is in good shape and let common sense by the rule of thumb.

The Mallory Township Trustees are offering the Mallory Town Hall to the Plagman Barn group at no cost. Committee to go look at building to see its condition. Will report back to the group. We will also need get cost to move the building and were would we place the building on the grounds. Tabled until November meeting.

The next item discussed was regarding the Minneapolis Moline “U” tractor purchased from Jim Tibbott, with a remaining balance due of $1000, and the Farmall “H” with a remaining balance of $1400. Motion Casey Goerdt, second by Mark Behrends to pay off remaining balance. Motion carried.

Harley asked about removing the loader off the Farmall “M”. It is not safe, and it should be removed. Tabled until November meeting.

Fuel expenses for 2008 Show Days were discussed. Three Rivers FS donated 50 gallons of gas and 50 gallons of diesel fuel. Thank you to FS for the generous donation. Also, thank you to Paul Henry Way for the suggestion price check thru Three Rivers! This suggestion saved the organization nearly $300.

Joe Willie brought up the John Deere plow. He wants paid as compensation for bringing the plow back. Joe was asked if $400 would be sufficient. Joe indicated yes. Motion Merwin Tibbott, second Larry Borcherding to give Joe Willie $400. Motion carried.

Joe Willie also says he wants to remove his gas fryers from the hamburger stand. He will check scrap price to help him decide what he would sell them for. Tabled until November.

Motion Harley Andregg, seconded Larry Borcherding to adjourn. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50

The November 7, 2007 meeting of the Plagman Barn was called to order by President Jim Tibbott at 1:30 pm.

A joint meeting began with a moment of silence for Mrs. Delpha Moser. Delpha was a valuable member of the Plagman Barn and will be missed beyond words. All the hard work by the Moser family is greatly appreciated. A card was passed for everyone to sign.

The Plagman website is up and running. Jim brought his computer so members could view the pictures taken by Larry Stone as well as a video by a new member, Larry Zeiser. Contact Jim if interested in a copy of either one. The website has a list of 2008 calendar events. The website address is www.plagmanbarn.com. The new website is in the development stages so we will need to keep it up to date.

Jim mentioned how nice it was to have people from Motor Mill present during Show Days as well as the women in the Red Barn sharing information about the Chimney in National.

Jim is working with Joleen Jansen to get music put with the video for the CD's which should be available in December, just in time for the holiday. There will be 190 pictures set to music by the Sounds of Nashville.

Please let Jim know ahead of time if you wish to purchase a CD so he can assure there are plenty available.

It was agreed that the Sounds of Nashville will be booked for the June Fest, the August Barn Dance and Sunday afternoon of Show Days. Keepin it Country was a big hit this year so Jim will contact them about playing Saturday

during Show Days in the White Barn. Frank Nabor played twice costing $150.00 each and Frank Berry played the accordian in the White Barn. Judy will follow-up on the music for the other locations for Show Days 2008.

Judy suggested they look into getting just a piano player for the church service next year as the group that played this year cost $300.00 and Judy thought this was too much money for the length of time she played.

Judy will look into options and report back at the next meeting.

Jim is working with Darla Kelchen from Clayton County on obtaining a SOS grant for operating expenses for 2008. Not many places grant money for this reason but Jim thought it was worth a try. Paperwork will need to be

completed by both the Men's and Women's organizations. Jim will meet with the Ladies group. The information is due by the end of November and Jim should have an answer by the end of January 2008.

Janet mentioned that the Summer Kitchen needs volunteers during Show Days. Lonnie will follow-up.

Judy and a friend covered things up in the School House and cleaned the floor. The door has a temporary fix.

Janet requested a list of the winners from Show Days.


The Appreciation/Christmas Party will be held at the Anchor Inn in Garbor on January 13th at 12:00. A short meeting will be held following the party. Fran, Judy, Janet and Berniece recommended there be a reminder on the postcard sent to members for this event that asked members to invite any and all volunteers, as not all their names were known. We couldn't do it without all the volunteers!

Joe Wille questioned why today's meeting was not advertised in the Guttenberg newspaper. This was an oversite and we will try to not allow this to happen again.

LaVerne read the Treasurer's Report itemizing the expenses for October 2007. The balance in the checking account as of October 1, 2007 was $15,838.93. Expenses for October totalled $7.197.06. Income was $918.31, leaving a balance of $9,560.18 int he checking account on October 31, 2007. Motion to approve the Treasurer's report was made by Larry Moser, Seconded by Lonnie Moser. Motion carried.

Jim read the minutes from the September 9, 2007 meeting. Keith motioned to approve the minutes, Joe Wille seconded. Motion carried.

Next Jim read the October minutes. Motion to approve by Shane Jaeger, seconded by Ken Demarce. Motion carried.

Joe Wille requested $600.00 for the large grill in the Hamburger Stand. Lonnie asked if the grill could be used in 2008 at Show Days. Joe said he would be willing to rent it to the Plagman Barn. Jim thinks $600.00 is too much for the grill. The grill is not stainless steel and would not pass inspection so why invest money in something that will ultimately have to be replaced anyway. Andy Moser asked who all had ownership of the grills. To his knowledge Tickletown is where the other grills came from. Joe requested he get paid rent money for the use of the grills over the years. No motions to approve either the $600.00 or paying Joe Wille rent for the grills.

Joe also mentioned that his tractor was used to do the oats and his tractor left with an empty tank. Andy disputed Joe's tractor being used for the oats.

The building in Mallory Township was discussed. How much would it cost to move, what route to travel, electrical lines that would have to be moved? The old town hall may be converted into a shop. The Mallory Township requests a plaque be displayed indicating the donation and that it was the Mallory Township Town Hall. Jim drove the route and did not see too many problems. Lonnie will measure the height of the building again. Replacement windows were discussed. A question was raised as to if there was a deadline. Evidentially there is a lawyer from IC that is interested in it but Mallory Township would like it to stay in the area if at all possible. Jim has a couple names of people to contact to see about the cost of moving the building. Larry will contact the names he has and both will report back at the next meeting.

Fran asked how much they paid for the Red Barn when it was built. LaVerne reported it was $13,000 but this did not include the interior work. This was tabled until the January meeting and the cost estimates were received.

Fran mentioned contacting a few organizations to help at Show Days in the White Barn waiting tables, etc. like the FFA or a 4-H group. This was fine with Jim.

LaVerne received a letter from a Wisconsin member regarding a Gas Engine Magazine the Plagman used to advertise in, should they continue? It was decided that the new website would cover a wide area for advertising. Dubuque coverage and show bills taken to area events were also discussed.

Judy questioned how much it would cost to paint the red barn.

Marty Gibb's brother told Jim he would donate a wire corn crib but Jim has not heard back from him. Keith Lau will donate his wire corn crib if someone will pick it up. It is approx 1000 bushel size.

The tractor committee looked the Bolsinger tractor. It is not in running condition and needs tin work. They want $800.00 for this one. Ronnie Meyers has a DC that needs tires and paint. He wants $1800.00 for his.

The horse powered thrash machine was discussed. It seems Clermont wants a settlement on the machine. Either they will buy out The Plagman half or visa versa. It costs $3100 to buy. It is documented that Gerald Snyder owns it. Jim will read the contract and follow-up on this. The NEIAA has first chance to buy it. Jim suggested a meeting be arranged with the family to talk over the details. Laverne will find out who actually owns it, how much the buy out is and present it at the Jan meeting.

Other matters discussed were mowing the lawns which was tabled until Jan. Tom Batterson wants to put a bid in to do all the mowing.

There were problems with the steam engine during Show Days. Jim contacted a man in Mt Pleasant but has not heard back from him. Everyone agreed that the steam engine should have a safety check. This issue will be revisited in the Spring.

A discussion was held regarding hosting a garden tractor pull on Saturday during Show Days next year. Jim will contact Steve Cornwell from Greeley and report at the next meeting.

The Kiddy Tractor Pull was discussed as someone told Jim it was an illegel tractor pull. Jim will investigate.

Fran will have Ann send postcards to the "Deperados" from the Saloon to invite them to the Appreciation/Christmas Party in Jan. Joyce Smith was contacted to get the addresses.


A motion to adjorn the meeting was made by Keith Lau, seconded by Lonnie Moser. Motion carried. The meeting was adjorned at 3:35 pm.