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John Anderson who lived with the Peterson brothers at Elkport,Ia. . This is a little story written by Adrianne Peterson.

What a great idea to write about John. Yes, his mother was Indian, not sure which tribe, but I'll try to find out. His Dad was a Swedish engineer who worked on the railroad tunneling under the Cascade Mountains into eastern Washington. John was raised  in the Skagit Valley North of here. He remembered Edmonds as a "pier on the side of the woods" when he worked on the ferry boats as a teen-ager. "There was just nothing there!", He said. As a young adult, he signed on as a cook for the Merchant Marines, and sailed the world. Man! could he cook! I have some pictures of John, and I'll send one. He was 1/2 Swede, and that his first connection to our family. The Peterson's figured that a Swede, even half Swede, was bound to be good people, and John was a wonderful person. I was going through some things in my cedar chest, and found this precious letter that John had written when I was in Milwaukee on pediatric affiliation in nursing school. John was the scribe, with Dad and Manfred dictating the letter. I could just feature the two of them huddled over John. I've put it in my old Bible for safe keeping. Our parents gave Marj and me fancy King James versions with our names engraved on them for confirmation. I use a NIV for study, and a phoo-phoo pink devotional Bible to read. The fancy one lives in a book case in the living room along with Grandma McLane's Bible, and Grandma Peterson's Swedish Bible.

      Alonzo Moore great grandfather of the Peterson girls.
       Henry Peterson 1878- 1960 lived near Elkport,Iowa was the granddad of  The Peterson girls.
We have a picture Grandma McLane and we think Emma Chrstina Peterson when she immigrated in 1909. They had lost 3 children Velma, Frieda, and Robert in the diptheria epidemic in Sweden in 1905. A little daughter had died in Granddad's arms as he rushed outdoors with her. She was choaking on the mucus in the back of her throat associated with diptheria. Dad was an infant, but was spared, probably because of his Mom's immunity. Manfred was born 2 years later. Economy in Sweden was at a stand still. Granddad got a ticket of streerage cacacity to come to America, and worked for a year on a farm near Manchester to earn passage for Emma and the boys.
 Rosetta Moore Mc Lane 1881-1959 William McLane 1877-1959 and Ruby McLane Peterson Taylor. Mother an Grandparents of the Petersons girls from Elkport.
1905-1972  Born in Sweden .Came to America in 1909 with his mother as his father was already here. Had to make money to send for them.
 Helmer Peterson father of the Peterson girls of Elkport,Ia Rudy McLane was the mother.

Adrian Peterson born in Sweden 1907-1975  Garber,Ia burial Mt Harmony Cemetery Garber,Ia .Came to America in 1909

Hi, I belive Adrian "Manfred" was 66 or 67, he had it taken not long before he passed away. & he was 67 when he passed away. He farmed all his life Also had A cream route, He hauled cream cans, in those days. to Colesburg creamery for a # of years. Never married. Took care of Grandpa Pete, Till he died. Loved fishing with "Dad" Helmer Peterson & John. Anderson

 Marge Peterson Taylor


Brett Shea- 1967-1988 car wreck.



Paulette Peterson Stoffel