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Helen Jennings Pictures from 9

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  This is Helen Jennings, Joe Winters and Beth Malicki January 28th 2012 at the 9 Who Care Jefferson Awards Banquet. Held at the Cedar Rapids Country Club.


 Helen with the flower Kurt Sempf Manger-Creative Services Of KCRG-TV9 gave her to bring home. Love that flower pot. Also the plaque she received at the 9 Who Care. Mt Harmony Cemetery was her Selected Charity .so they received a check for 500.00 dollars..

 The plaque Helen received.


Here are the pies I made the day of the interview .So Joe Winters here is your peach pie These pie tins I have used for 55 years

Clyde accepting the check for Mt Harmony Cemetery for 500.00 dollars


Yes she did receive the award for working with Mt Harmony Cemetery but also for helping other people find their families. One was Roger Hammond from Elkport,Iowa who was adopted out in 1951. He was the only one adopted from the children removed from the home. But she found 3 brothers and still looking for LaVern and Dorothy also known as Jean Essman. Graduated from Edgewood High School with the class of 1963. Anyone know of her where abouts? Also for the food she would fix and take to people when in need. She baked many pies for church events. Years ago baked beans and noodles were also special for church events.
Maybe people wonder how she got started getting donations for Mt Harmony Cemetery. She put a full MONEY report of the Cemetery in the Guttenberg Press. From there Gary Schroeder gave Clyde a check for 50.00 at Sears Station and then Joyce Kuehl sent a 100.00 check in the mail. That is all it took for Helen to keep going. Since she had done a Thein Family Book and many Thein's buried at Mt Harmony she sent out emails with the financial report going to be short of money for 2005. It keep her busy just recording all of the donations.,after 7 years she has 30,000 more than she started with plus over 4,000 in improvements. This inculdes the lots she sold also. Now she says if only interst would be a little better by 2013 that is when it going to hurt. She has been doing this for 52 years. She says I couldn't have accomplised what I did without the help of the people,many friends and her computer. There are so many nice people who have given of their time and money. Small rural cemeteries are in poor financial conditions and need more volunteers and donations. She says if you have a loved one buried in one of them find it in your heart to send that cemetery a donation. small or large it all helps. Work with joy,Dream from your heart, Share what you have, Love deeply, Thank GOD Always.
Jason & Katie Wiedemann Schwass with Helen Jennings
What the table looked like.
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From her grand daughter Tiffany Jennings Helmrichs
John Gualtier from Vinton,Ia who won the trip to Washington D.C. He is a young 86.
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Mt Harmony Cemetery

Elktownship Clayton county but nothing from the state. $5 .00 for each soldier's grave . The rest has to come from interest money. So nice if you have some principal. Or you are in trouble. Mt Harmony gets $650.00 dollars from Elk township and we are the biggest one in Elk township. $330.00 for care of 66 soldiers graves. The rest has to come from interest or donations. Costs $3,150.00 dollars for the mowing & spraying. So it takes $2,170 in interest to pay for the care of Mt Harmony. 

So if you had 60,000 X 3 % = 1800.00 You would be short $370.00 dollars.for the year. I said "If"

3,150.00 care of mowing & spraying 

- 980,00 Elk township & care of Soldiers graves 


2,170.00 Need from Interest

- 1,800.00 Interest at 3% on 60,000


370.00 short for the year.

These small cemetery in Clayton county are hurting for money some worse than others. Like I said last year I know times are rough but don't think it would hurt anybody to send a donation of 5 to 10 dollars all helps . Just ask the cemetery officers how they are doing. When you use the principal then you have no interest after awhile. Just don't know why I can't make people understand this. If weeds is what you want ,it may be sooner than you think.

The people over looking these cemeteries get paid nothing. At Mt Harmony I have done this for 52 years now . Janet Schroeder for 34. Whether it be Mt Harmony,Hansel,Bethel,Brown, Oakhill, Union or Zion I know they all need help.

This was last year 2011.  But Thanks to some very nice people we came out Ok. But December 2012 we lose our good interest of 4.50% and that is when it will hurt. Do some MATH. I just keep the books.



Taken Nove 8,2013 at our new Place. We will be married 64 Years Sunday Nov. 10,2013