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Mt Harmony report 08

Mt Harmony Cemetery report 2008

When was Mount Harmony called Hall Cemetery? In 1879 it was called Mount Harmony and one of its first burials was a Lewis boy 1849 and a Keel in 1851 ..But our first land deed is 1857. for one acre.

Used to be the people themselves took care of the cemetery. Then they started paying a few dollars a year to different people. 40.00 was paid and in 1938 Mrs Ann Horstman got 38.00 and walked from Elkport to mow the acre with a hand mower. Would that have even paid for a pair of shoes ?. That is for sure she would have had to buy a new pair or pad the soles with cardboard as many people did in those days. I have heard my father talk about this many times as school children had to do this.

Then today I think of all the changes that have happened to keep a cemetery looking nice. Sure wish we had some pictures of Mt Harmony from years ago. I have some of Hansel and I know it was not as smooth looking as a school Mom's leg as they say..

We are paying 3,100 for mowing and spraying..How do we get that money?

+650.00 from Elk Township so the county does not take care of this cemetery as some people think.

+315.00 care of soldiers graves


3100.00 cost for care of cemetery

-965.00 other income

=2135.00 This all has to come from Interest .

+13,125 from donations and perpetual care money.

x 4.50%

= 590.34 from donations & perpetual care so with out the donations & perpetual care where would we have been.???????? So all those nice people who donated to Mt Harmony we want to say THANK YOU.

Without these donations Mt Harmony would be taking money from the principle and you all know what happens then. This is what has happened to so many of our small cemeteries.

So if you can send a few dollars a year to  keep this from happening it would be great for any cemetery.

For the year of 2008 we had 35.00 left over. As we paid for paint and painting the buildings..

2291.63 interest for 2008

2135.00 had to use for expenses

156.63 Left over but if we get another raise then what??????? This is for 2009 As interest is locked in at 4,50.%


If any one else thinks they can do a better job just let us know. There is still things that could be done .


This is the letter I put in the Guttenberg Press paper. Feb 2005

I am writing in regards to Mt Harmony Cemetery.

Since interest is down we are having a problem with finances.Here is a run down of our income.

36,500x 4 -------- interest - 1,460

Elk Township ------------------ 618

Care of Soliders Graves----------295


Total 2,373

Care of cemetery-- 2500.00

Income -------------------- 2373.00

---------------------------Short 127.00

But we don't get 4 percent interest now this is if we got 4 percent.

We don't have the money to send out letters so since I am treasurer I will e-mail or call some .

If you have a loved one there maybe you can tell your other family members and send a donation please. Large or small would be appreciated. I did send out about 100 letters plus I don't know how many e-mails as I had written a Thein History and had many e-mail addresses. You can see the list of names on another hit for Mt Harmony Cemetery.

Helen Jennings

33794 Jupiter RD

Garber,Iowa 52048

You can go to Mt Harmony Cemetery and see the pictures of the stones and new roof on the buildings. Fall 2007.
I will write a report for 2008 and put on here also. But donations small or large are greatly appreciated if we are to keep Mt Harmony Cemetery going for years. Even 5 dollars a year adds up it did years away. There was a Ed Beck who give 10 or 15 a year years ago.

Mount Harmony Financial report for APRIL 2007

Balance checking account 88.27

Perpetual care account 2.70

Regular Savings account 3,115.54


Total + 3,206.51

Mowing - 2,700.00


Total + 506.51

Spraying 2007 - 230.00


Total + 276.51

Interest 4/19/07 + 210.99


Balance for 2007 = 487.50 BILLS ALL PAID FOR 2007

This is our income for the year 2007. CD's will renew

Nov. 28, 2007, Dec 26,2007, Jan19,2008 and will goes towards the year of 2008

We  get $ 618.00 from Elktownship and $ 295.00 for care of Soldier's Graves from the County.Then interest from CD'S.

So if I had not gotten the extra 13,000 for CD's were would the CEMETERY have been???? 13.000 x 4% =$520.00 13,000 x 5% =$ 650.00 WE WOULD HAVE BEEN SHORT. RIGHT

Interest on a special is where we have been getting this kind of interest. Interest has been going down.Today April 19, 2007 it is 5.17 % but has to be 5,000 to get it. Then on 10,000 for 5 years it is only 4.79 .GOSH just do some math folks.


Cemetery member Since Jan 1959 At the end of this year I will be a 50 year member. Never have gotten any pay for all Clyde and I have done. Don't know how many stamps we have donated. If any one else would like a job just step up there is work to be done.The Cemetery needs new directors 2 of them. Clyde Jennings is one of them now.

Helen Jennings chjenn@alpinecom.net

33794 Jupiter Road

Garber,Iowa 52048 Ph 563-255-2650



April 19, 2007 It was after this that I started a drive for the Cemetery Stone which brought in 3,205 dollars from 62 donations. Some of these had given before and some hadn't. All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU.


 Yes, we also put in a NEW WIRE FENCE on 3 sides of the cemetery at a cost of 1740.65. Plus green steel roofs on the two buildings, Cemetery Stone and granite bench.


Thanks to the Family of Martin Jaster for their Memorial to Mt Harmony C emetery for 400 dollars. Things like this is what will keep the cemetery going.
Check this out,
Yes, in 1995 there was a vote of 11 yes-1 no voted by ballot to allow high stones in the back two rows of Mt Harmony Cemetery in the new part of the North side.
April 19,2007 Meeting
There was a vote at the meeting April 19,2007 and it passed 3 yes to 2 no  to allow a 6 inch stone for Lots 01-102  in the new North side.
Below is what will be on your deed after this. We are not a lawyer and try to do our best job. Our pay is nothing.

It is the law of the Mt Harmony Cemetery Association in the new part of the North side the base of the monuments are not to be over 20 inches wide and on the line. This is so there is room to put a vault down . Lots 01-102 monuments can not be over 6 inches high. It is the responsibility of the deed holder or the family for care of the monument. 25 percent is for perpetual care but if in the future maintenance expenses change we can ask for a donation from family. We can only use the interest from this money. If funeral is in the winter time and there is snow removal you pay for that. $5.00 registration fee for the state of Iowa. See back for more details

Starting April 19,2007 we made this rule after a lot of pressure from some people. So look at Tony and Gladys Smith monument over on the South Side what we call the Bowman side . if not done right we can make you redo it..This is only fair to those who already had to have flat stones. any questions "as of now" call Janet Schroeder 563-255-2547  or Helen Jennings 563-255-2650 or e-mail chjenn@alpinecom.net. .Other lots can have highstones but not Lots 01-102 on the new North Part.


You have to notify the Cemetery President or one of the officers before putting in a monument as it has to be marked out and on the line. For a Veterans stone or flower hangers they have to go along the side of the other monument and on the line. This is because of mowing. The Cemetery has to also be notified about a burial as it has to be marked out and on the line . Would be nice if a family member or relative was there so there is no mistake.

Flowers have to be moved by the third Sunday in June unless they can be left on the stone out of the way of the mower. This holds unless it has to be changed in the future. No live flowers planted unless in the cement monument area and if they get ruined by the mower that is the chance you take. This would be in the cement area of your monument.

If a Veteran would be nice if your flag holder be set in the cement when doing your monument. Veteran stone has to be put along side of the 6 inch stone not in front. because of mowing.


The deed will not be sent until we know the check has cleared or up to two weeks.


Mt Harmony Cemetery Assocation,Garber,Iowa




This is the size stone that we voted on April 19,2007 and it would be for any one  for Lots  01-102 if they wanted that or can still go with the ground level stone. Your choice.


 Some of your feed back.

April 10,2008



“No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.” 

- P.J. O'Rourke 


There always has to be someone who wants to "buck" the system. Personally I do not care if they have high or low markers. I can understand why low ones are favored for the ones who are in charge of the grass mowing. I don't know why people want the taller ones unless for show. But in 25 years they will be leaning and are prone to vandalism. Being out of the area I do not see these people and have to face the issue like you and the rest of the cemetery board. So understand that you are damned if you do as they wish, or damned if you don't. April 10,2008

I have found that the most comfortable position for any administrator or decision maker is to follow the rules or policies. If you feel the policies and procedures need to be changed, then, go through the process to change things. Most people will support this procedure. April 11,2008

It is not fair to the ones who have flat stones in that area. A  6 inch stone would not look out of place  with the flat stones. That is why the high stones where put in the last two rows and only there .   April 11,2008



 I would believe they should have a say as to whether their stones are visiable. It would amount to a petition to help keep the stones at the same heights. Sounds as if she wants their stone to overshadow all the others.  July 13,2008




I don't see anything wrong with that . You do so much, Helen. There surely will be a place for you in Heaven. July 22 ,2008
 Iowa state rules for Iowa cemeteries. 

523I.304 Rulemaking and enforcement. 1. A cemetery may adopt, amend, and enforce rules for the use, care, control, management, restriction, and protection of the cemetery, as necessary for the proper conduct of the business of the cemetery, including, but not limited to, the use, care, and transfer of any interment space or right of interment.

2. A cemetery may restrict and limit the use of all property within the cemetery by rules that do, but are not limited to doing, all of the following:

a. Prohibit the placement of memorials or memorialization, buildings, or other types of structures within any portion of the cemetery.

b. Regulate the uniformity, class, and kind of memorials and memorialization and structures within the cemetery.

c. Regulate the scattering or placement of cremated remains within the cemetery.

d. Prohibit or regulate the placement of nonhuman remains within the cemetery.

e. Prohibit or regulate the introduction or care of trees, shrubs, and other types of plants within the cemetery.

f. Regulate the right of third parties to open, prepare for interment, and close interment spaces.

g. Prohibit interment in any part of the cemetery not designated as an interment space.

h. Prevent the use of space for any purpose inconsistent with the use of the property as a cemetery.

3. A cemetery shall not adopt or enforce a rule that prohibits interment because of the race, color, or national origin of a decedent. A provision of a contract or a certificate of ownership or other instrument conveying interment rights that prohibits interment in a cemetery because of the race, color, or national origin of a decedent is void.

4. A cemetery's rules shall be plainly printed or typewritten and maintained for inspection in the office of the cemetery or, if the cemetery does not have an office, in another suitable place within the cemetery. The cemetery's rules shall be provided to owners of interment spaces upon request. These are right on their deed..

5. A cemetery's rules shall specify the cemetery's obligations in the event that interment spaces, memorials, or memorialization are damaged or defaced by acts of vandalism. The rules may specify a multiyear restoration of an interment space, or a memorial or memorialization when the damage is extensive or when money available from the cemetery's trust fund is inadequate to complete repairs immediately. The owner of an interment space, or a memorial or memorialization that has been damaged or defaced shall be notified by the cemetery by restricted certified mail at the owner's last known address within sixty days of the discovery of the damage or defacement. The rules shall specify whether the owner is liable, in whole or in part, for the cost to repair or replace an interment space or a damaged or defaced memorial or memorialization.

6. The cemetery shall not approve any rule which unreasonably restricts competition, or which unreasonably increases the cost to the owner of interment rights in exercising these rights.

2005 Acts, ch 128, §26



523I.305 Memorials and memorialization.

1. Authorization. A cemetery is entitled to determine whether a person requesting installation of a memorial is authorized to do so, to the extent that this can be determined from the records of the cemetery, as is consistent with the cemetery's rules. The owner of an interment space or the owner's agent may authorize a memorial dealer or independent third party to perform all necessary work related to preparation and installation of a memorial.

2. Conformity with cemetery rules. A person selling a memorial shall review the rules of the cemetery where the memorial is to be installed to ensure that the memorial will comply with those rules prior to ordering or manufacturing the memorial.  This is what I am talking about.

3. Specifications. Upon request, a cemetery shall provide reasonable written specifications and instructions governing installation of memorials, which shall apply to all installations whether performed by the cemetery or another person. The written specifications shall include provisions governing hours of installation or any other relevant administrative requirements of the cemetery. A copy of these specifications and instructions shall be provided upon request, without charge, to the owner of the interment space, next of kin, or a personal representative or agent of the owner, including the person installing the memorial. The person installing the memorial shall comply with the cemetery's written installation specifications and instructions. A cemetery shall not adopt or enforce any rule prohibiting the installation of a memorial by a memorial dealer or independent third party, unless the rule is adopted and enforced uniformly for all memorials installed in the cemetery.

4. Written notice. A memorial dealer or independent third party shall provide the cemetery with at least seven business days' prior written notice of intent to install a memorial at the cemetery, or such lesser notice as the cemetery deems acceptable. The notice shall contain the full name, address, and relationship of the memorial's purchaser to the person interred in the interment space or the owner of the interment space, if different. The notice shall also contain the color, type, and size of the memorial, the material, the inscription, and the full name and interment date of the person interred in the interment space.

5. Preparation and installation.

a. A person installing a memorial shall be responsible to the cemetery for any damage caused to the cemetery grounds, including roadways, other than normal use during installation of the memorial.

b. Installation work shall cease during any nearby funeral procession or committal service.

c. Installation work shall be done during the cemetery's normal weekday hours or at such other times as may be arranged with the cemetery.

d. A memorial must comply with the cemetery's rules. In the event of noncompliance, the person installing a memorial is responsible for removal of the memorial and shall pay any reasonable expenses incurred by the cemetery in connection with the memorial's removal.

e. The cemetery shall, without charge, provide information as described on the cemetery's map or plat necessary to locate the place where a memorial is to be installed and any other essential information the person installing the memorial needs to locate the proper interment space.

f. A person installing a memorial shall follow the cemetery's instructions regarding the positioning of the memorial.

g. During the excavation, all sod and dirt shall be carefully removed with no sod or dirt left on the interment space except the amount needed to fill the space between the memorial and the adjacent lawn.

h. A person installing a memorial shall carefully fill in any areas around the memorial with topsoil or sand, in accordance with the cemetery's written instructions.

i. A person installing a memorial shall remove all equipment and any debris which has accumulated during installation of the memorial.

j. A person installing a memorial shall check to see if any adjacent memorials have become soiled or dirty during installation of the memorial and, if so, clean the adjacent memorials.

k. If the person who is installing a memorial damages any cemetery property, the person shall notify the cemetery immediately. The person installing the memorial shall then repair the damage as soon as possible, upon approval by the cemetery. The cemetery may require a person installing a memorial to provide current proof of workers' compensation insurance as required by state law and current proof of liability insurance, sufficient to indemnify the cemetery against claims resulting from installation of the memorial. Proof of liability insurance in an amount of one million dollars or more shall preclude the cemetery from requiring a person installing a memorial to obtain a performance bond.

l. If a cemetery has an office, a person installing a memorial shall immediately leave notice at the cemetery office when the memorial has been installed and all work related to the installation is complete.

6. Inspection. A cemetery may inspect the installation site of a memorial at any time. If the cemetery determines that cemetery rules are not being followed during the installation, the cemetery may order the installation to stop until the infraction is corrected. The cemetery shall provide written notice to the installer as soon as possible if the cemetery believes that any of the following have occurred:

a. The memorial has not been installed correctly.

b. The person installing the memorial has damaged property at the cemetery.

c. Other cemetery requirements for installation have not been met, such as removal of debris or equipment.

7. Location and service charge. A cemetery may charge a reasonable service charge for allowing the installation of a memorial purchased or obtained from and installed by a person other than the cemetery or its agents. This service charge shall be based on the cemetery's actual labor costs, including fringe benefits, of those employees whose normal duty is to inspect the installation of memorials, in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices. General administrative and overhead costs and any other functions not related to actual inspection time shall be excluded from the service charge.

8. Faulty installation. If a memorial sinks, tilts, or becomes misaligned within twelve months of its installation and the cemetery believes the cause is faulty installation, the cemetery shall notify the person who installed the memorial in writing and the person who installed the memorial shall be responsible to correct the damage, unless the damage is caused by inadequate written specifications and instructions from the cemetery or acts of the cemetery and its agents or employees, including but not limited to running a backhoe over the memorial, carrying a vault or other heavy equipment over the memorial, or opening or closing an interment space adjacent to the memorial.

9. Perpetual care. A cemetery may require contributions from the purchaser of a memorial for perpetual care, if a perpetual care fund deposit is uniformly charged on every memorial installed in the cemetery.

2005 Acts, ch 128, §27