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I have to get this in. I have been treasurer of Mt Harmony Cemetery for 55 years Jan 1,2015. Will be 10 years in the spring that I started with donations we now have $90.162.68 plus all the improvements and care of mowing every year. When I started out in 1960 I had $2,317. I am so proud of all the people who have given donations. All we need now is for someone to take over and some interest money. WHAT A BLESSING THAT WOULD BE.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT NEW YEAR       If interested in the job email me at chjenn1949@gmail.com  If nobody we may have to turn it over to the county.

Again in 2014 the ones who have never donated any thing would like to thank those who have donated so much to keep the cemetery going . As they can't afford it. Not even 5 or 10 dollars. God Bless you who have given or what would it look like ???????   Mt Harmony Cemetery
March 7,2014
Hope I get some donations from people who have never donated before or very little. I know you can do it. Thanks,

Helen, hello there! Oh Helen, I got the wonderful book today of Clayton County & was just so happy & overjoyed at seeing it. I really can't express how your kindness has touched me. I have been pouring over the book and then I called my dad and told him all about it. He too is very excited about seeing it! He wanted me to thank you kindly for the book. He says he is sure he has not seen some of the pictures that I was describing to him from the book & really looks forward to seeing them! Tonight when I head off to bed, I will look at the book again & read it in more detail. There are so many nice pictures in the book!
Thank you again Helen for your kindness & generosity. I told you that I thought the people of Iowa were special and so very friendly. You have proven my point with you sending me the book. Many, many thanks for such a kindness. You're such a very nice lady! I wish we could meet someday! I would like that very much.
Merry Christmas to you & Clyde. Thank you again!!!!
My Friendship & Gratitude, Julie from California

This is what makes one feel good when you get a thank you like this.




 April 2014


A little over two months

we will be going to the cemeteries to put flowers on our loved ones graves. Have you ever wondered how a cemetery is taken care of ? Probably not. They paid for their lot and what you called perpetual care. But with today's costs that don't amount to anything .

These little cemeteries are hurting for money and I wonder how some of them are doing it without going into the principle. That is what hurts. When that is gone so is the cemetery.

They do get help from their township and so much for care of soldiers graves ,depending on what county you are in. The rest has to come from interest and with today rates . Ouch that is what hurts. We are all in the same boat.

For Mt Harmony it costs 3,180. We receive $965.00 and the rest has to come from interest. So do a little math. Help out these small cemeteries where your loved ones are.

I know times are rough now but $5.00 or $10.00 I don't think will hurt anyone. Nice to give memorials . It all will help. The same ones should not have to support it all the time.Your loved ones are there also.

Now that we had to cut that pine tree we really c ould use those small donations.

Thank you.

Helen Jennings

33794 Jupiter Rd

Garber,Iowa 52048


“A successful business is measured not by the owner doing extraordinary things but by its staff doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

- Unknown


Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any 
More than standing in your garage makes you a 



 The bench below was from Paul Kregel 27641 Hwy 52 Guttenberg,Iowa 52052 Ph 563-252-2303






That is really nice, because it meets your objective of thanking everyone for their support and it is a memorial to you and it encourages the continued giving of time, talents and assets.
Wow 50 years of generosity. The people in Elkport and Garber must be pleased with what you and Clyde have done. As the son of my father and mother and grandparents I stand ready to help support you financially. The stone is a great monument for you, I hope you paid for it from the cemeteries fund. I will bet you used your own money. We thank you. The Hafner family Yes we used our own money. 
That fence has been in since 1909. Gosh that is a hundred years. Was painted last fall.
This is just leaving a memorial behind for Clyde and I. We paid for this ourselves , 50 years is a long time and if not for the people we knew this  would not have happen. When you go from 37,000 to 62,000 in CD's & cash and over 4,000 in improvements. This could not have happen without the people. Thanks for all your donations over the years.
This is  what this bench is saying. Hope the people in years to come keep up the good work.
Smith stone is the size we voted on. Not over 6 inches tall.

 This is the size of the new stone instead of having to be level with the ground, if this is the kind you want but the foundation is still only 20 inches wide and on the line. Some one has to be there before it is installed. Cemetery doesn't need mistakes. They are not to go in unless they let you know so you can be there. There are state laws.





Where the flat stones are in the 1962 new north part. this is the north side view. 2 rows of high stones in the back and a space left for a road if they ever expand.
This is the south side of the 1962 new north part. Taken off the Krieb's ,Handke now Kulper farm.
1935 -2008 from the Bowman farm. 1/4 acre South side of the cemetery of the old part.
 These  notes taken from the Mt.Harmony Cemetery Secretary Books. 


A brief History of the Cemetery from the secy mintues. 1894- 2007

On May 7,1857 Joseph and Eliza Garber and Albert Gallington Lewis born March 6,1826 St Francis MO. & Mary Ann Walters Lewis born Feb. 20,1830 in Ohio sold in Consideration of 5 dollars to Bethuel Baxter, George Chiles and Henry Hoover . Trustees of said Burying Grounds.

One Square acre of land in the NW corner of the NE quarter of section Eleven, township 91 Range 4 West of the fifth principal, Meridian for the purpose of a Public Burying grounds and for a meeting house of any denomination that may be agreed upon here after. Mark W Lovett and Job Randall were witness. Joseph Garber signed with a x. recorded in Book O Page 322 at Elkader Court House.

Then on Feb 4,1909 James & Anna Noack with Mercy & Aaron Bowman each sold 8 ft one acre long 208 feet for drive way to the Trustees of Mt Harmony. Up to this point I don't know how it got the name Hall Cemetery.In 1875 when William Jennings died it was called Mt. Harmony according to his obit in the Elkport /Garber History book. by Mrs Vorwald. Mr & Mrs Jennings had children buried there in the 1860's.

On April 6,1894 several ladies met and it was agreed that they should unite and organize a society the charter members were. Mrs LY Ehrlich, Miss Lucy Garber ,Mrs J. E. Beck, Miss Nettie Hall, Mrs D. C. Beck ,Mrs Mary Woolridge, Mrs Wm. Sandusky, Mrs C. A .Hart. The regular fee is 20 cents a month .July 1894 moved that we met once in two weeks instead of every week. Mrs Hart left Elkport in July 1894.

Feb 1895 started having a dinner or supper for the ladies at there meetings. Then Sept 1895 no more minutes until Aug 4, 1898 .

The Women's Club met with Mrs J. C. Beck on Aug. 4,1898 and resolved to form a Ladies Cemetery Association. Madames were Laxon,N Kriebs, LE Kriebs, E Hall, Peick, Stefiel, Tiede and A Beck. The following officers were elected.

President. Mrs Elias Hall.

Vice President. Mrs Laxon.

Secy. & Treas. Mrs A Beck

It was decided to obtain money by subscription to clean and repair the Hall Cemetery. The members of the above association each paying the sum of one dollar. The money received up to the present time is 15.50. Today it is only 75 cents for dues and then we pay 25 cents for lunch. That is over 100 years.

Sept 1898 have two men working 2 days at one dollar and 20 cents a day . 12.50 was paid out for men working on cemetery leaving 3 dollars.

Jan 7th ,1899 cash on hand 8.75 . A year later on Aug 1899 was their one year anniversary and had 12.50. Sept 14,1899 paid John Fenchel 6.00 dollars leaving 6.50.

Aug 1900 meeting each member paid 1.00 dues. It was decided to have the cemetery cleaned this month with John Fenchel doing the work for 2.00 dollars. cash on hand 23,50.

Dec 13th 1900 one days work from Dyer Hall with team. From Mr B Hageman 22 posts, Mr McDonald 25 posts, Mr L Menge 20 posts. This was for building fence.

July 1901. It was decided to have cemetery cleaned this month and to have John Fenchl to do this job .It was also thought that sometime we had the " money" that we would have a sexton or overseer.Cash on hand 28.13

Nov 1901 met at cemetery as per agreement and ordered the road staked out for the drive way. Which we hope this will be satisfactory.

June 1903 pd John Fenchel 1.50 for mowing and one days work setting hitching posts 1.25 .Balance 58.48 John was born Nov. 21,1842.

April 1904 decided to tax each member 5 cents at every meeting. The money to be put in treasurer. Members that are absent are not exempt from payment.

Sept 5,1907 Paid Fred Mardauss for painting.

April 9,1908 made $20.60 on supper. Cash on hand 99.40 They served a supper to the public. 1908 Ira Hansel bargained for work in Cemetery this coming year for 40.00 dollars. The Cemetery furnished the mower and tools for mowing.

June 3,1909 Motion made and second that Mr Hageman oversee the purchasing of material for a tool house to be built 8x12.

The Secy. was instructed to write to all interested in Mt Harmony Cemetery for contributions for the construction of the tool house and fence around the 3 sides of the cemetery. 43.00 dollars donated for the project.

Oct 14, 1909 .Best fence costing 213.18 borrow 100 from bank to pay for it.

Jan 6,1910 they borrowed from the Garber Savings Bank 119.34 for the fence. I would assume this is that iron fence we still have in there. Paying it back as we got the money. the Ladies had there money in the Elkport Savings Bank!!!!! It took until Mar 4,1911 to pay this off.

Sept 1911 took in 76.00 for proceeds of Picnic dinner. Expenses 9.85 & 5.75 donations leaving 71.90. this was the first money put out on interest.

Oct 1,1914 the tool house having blown over the following men donated labor to repair it. Rueben Smith, Frank Dennis, Frank Kafer, Joseph Thein, Max Hageman, Sam Smith, Tozar "Balthaser" Hageman, John Combs, Edwin Jennings, Geo McDonald, Chas Rodas. they also donated enough money to buy paint which Chas Rodas volunteered to paint.

In Jan 1917 Ladies agreed not to serve such elaborate meals for supper. 17 members and 5 guests at Nettie Dennis place.

Nov 1920 formed an incorporation. Then the cemetery was surveyed and they started charging for lots at a dollar a foot. Tozar "Balthaser" Hageman was given his lot for labor helping with the survey. Mr and Mrs Frank Dennis was given their lots for all the work they had done on the cemetery all these years. Edwin Jennings, Mr & Mrs Ruben Smith and Mr Geo McDonald gave one day of work when being surveyed. 50 cents war tax be paid by the parties buying the lots. Anyone know what this was??? They never sold a lot until 1921. So from 1857-1921 this was 64 years !!!!

Dec 7,1922 keep 5 dollars out of Earl Hageman wages until work is finished also 3 dollars for Portwine wages. Earl Hageman was only 17 at this time.

In 1924 we got our first check from Elktownship of $20.00

1924 Joe Baker got 75.00 dollars for care of cemetery.

Jan 1925 raised dues from 60 to 75 cents 15 cents to be used as a flower fund. and they are still this in "2007" But in 1961 we dropped buying gifts just sent a card if sick or in hospital for members.

Jan 1927 Caretakers got 90 dollars but had to furnish all tools & mower. They used to have at many as 38 members. "2007" we have eight members. Nelda Willie, Edna Willie, Peg Schroeder, Janet Schroeder, Irene Schroeder, Jean Zittergruen, Selma Zittergruen and Helen Jennings Look at our age !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 1928 Mrs Pleazzy Livingston gave 200.00 only to lose half of it when the bank went under. We lost half of all our money in the bank when that hit. " Depression"

Oct. 3, 1935 H.L. Leas of Monona ,Ia be paid 24.64 for 5 loads of gravel. Hauling 61/2 mi @ 7 cents per yard 7.55. Total 24.45 plus 49 tax = 24.64 Plus paid Ed Waterman 7.75 for extra help in placing gravel in center of driveway.

Nov,12, 1935 8 members met at cemetery to mark out lots.

April 1936 care taker Mrs Annie Horstman 50.00. Got 6 dollars for digging ordinary grave and 7 with vault.

May 7, 1936 also talked about buying ground from Bowman to put in a rock wall at the east end of cemetery.

In Oct of 1936 they got 1/4 acre from Morris and Bertha Strube Bowman for the sum of two hundred dollars. Record in volume 102 on page 20. at Courthouse in Elkader,Ia

Jan 6,1937. Write Ilo Plagman for payment of mothers lot.

July 1937 Metal marker cost $16.80 for 60 markers. Write Mrs Joe Baxter about vacant lot and payment of one.

Jan 1938 Mrs Horstman got $38.00 for mowing.

June 1938 Look over cemetery and decided to have some one plow that part of cemetery and smooth down. Put in temporaty fence. Thought better than a rock wall.

Nov 1938 cost 25 cents to have a deed made out.

Jan 1939 Motion made to serve Sandwiches and coffee with cake instead of supper motion over ruled. I think "myself" I would hate to fix a chicken supper for 18 to over 20 people. Motion to keep flower fund from other fund carried.

Jan 1939 Mrs. Horstman 70.00 cemetery to buy her a mower not to exceed 8.00 but cost 10.60

May 1939 Send letters to relatives of people buried on the cemetery with crooked stones.

July 3, 1939 Vera Younkman donation of 39 feet of wire.

Nov 1939 discussion on how much money we had on interest.

Feb 12, 1941. Send out letters for care of graves.The letter read.

Our assocation has decided to ask for yearly contributions for our cemetery, as we feel we can not carry on much longer as our revenue is small.

We hire a sexton for the season and keep the grass mowed on all graves. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance, we are

Respectfully Yours, Mount Harmony Cemetery Association Committee. Signed by Mrs Philip Beeh Secy. .

by Oct 1941, 64.29 had been raised from relatives.

Dec 1941 first check of 12.00 for care of soldiers graves.

Dec 1942 80.00 Mark Rentschler sexton for the year.

Dec 1943 125.00 for Jake Thein sexton for the year

Dec 1944 150.00 Leon Weber sexton for the year

Dec 2006 2,700 Gary Jones sexton for the year. Plus 230.00 for spraying if we have the money.

Then on the 7th day of November 1961 we bought 1/2 acre from Harold and Edith Kriebs and Clarence and Lillian Handke for 500.00 dollars plus we gave the Handke's a 20 ft lot for the land out front of the fence without perpetual care. Dick and Jean Zittergruen bought these lots from them paying the cemetery for perpetual care of 100.00. So this is the land we have bought up to 2007. Total cost of 705.00 .

This is the letter we sent out in 1961.Balance on hand Jan 1,1961 24.81

The Mt Harmony Cemetery Assoc. of Elkport,Iowa has purchased one-half acre of land from the Harold Kriebs farm. There are a "few" lots left in the old part on the south side.The price for the new lots are $50.00 for 20 feet and $25.00 for 10 feet. Perpetual Care is 70.00 for 20 ft and 35.00 for 10 ft. and $20.00 for 5 ft.

If you do not pay Perpetual Care when buying a lot you will be required to pay dues of 2.00 per year until you take out perpetual care. If dues are not paid within a two year period the lot will go back to the Mt Harmony Cemetery Assoc. of Elkport,Iowa.

You will be required to pay your perpetual care before any burial can be made. Perpetual care will be required also on all other lots already sold before burial can be made.

It is amazing how much some people give and others forget. So lets look over this report carefully "think" and then do what you can about it.

Send your dues to Mrs Ida Franks Secy Mrs Helen Jennings Treas.

Elkport,Ia Garber,Iowa

This $2.00 a year dues also is in effect for all lots already bought without perpetual care.

We are only sending one copy to a family so if anyone else wants one send your name and address to Helen Jennings Garber,Iowa

The perpetual care money is put in bonds. We are drawing 3 3/4 % interest which is used to take care of the lots. Since we have bought more land our sexton will cost more money another year. So you can see by our blance at the end of the year we only had 24.81.

So if it costs $100.00 more a year. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GET IT?

We hope we didn't offend anybody but thought you might be interested in how this cemetery is taken care of. We had $2,000 in bonds in 1960. 320 dollars in perpetual care fund or savings account by 1962.


Helen Jennings Garber,Iowa Treasurer

Aug, 1962, Motion made and second that there will be no high stones put in the new part of cemetery. Just flat markers. Plans were made to put the fence and markers on the new part of cemetery on Sat Aug 13 1962.

Sept. 6, 1962 Motion made and second to set aside the rules for perpetual care and price of lots made in Nov 1961. motion made and second to charge 60.00 for a 20ft lot or 30.00 for 10 ft lot. and 15 for a five ft lot. Perpetual care 60.00 for 20ft 30.00 for 10 ft and 15 for 5 ft. If perpetual care is not paid  the party is to pay 2.00 a year for care of lot until perpetual care is paid. People abused this for years and that is why the cemetery had to enforce the perpetual care fund. This is where all small cemeteries went wrong and are having money problems today 2007. Mt Harmony enforced this law 45 years ago . We aren't the best off but a lot better than most.

Marjorie Hansel and Helen Jennings went to the Central State Bank in Elkader and borrowed the money to pay Kriebs for the land. It was later voted on to borrow the money out of the perpetual care fund as the interest was cheaper. We had gotten money in from a lunch we had at James Borrett Farm Sale plus some cash donations so we had enough to pay the land off.

Then in 1974 we wrote another letter to those who didn't have perpetual care and by doing this we enforced Perpetual Care on all graves. There was only a couple we didn't get it from. So today we are not home free but better off after Helen Jennings took up a donation drive in 2005 which netted over 13,000 with interest. Plus we got a new fence put in for a cost of $1740.65. We still have to put a new fence in on the front south side. The building and toilet needs some repair work. So more donations are needed. Also thanks to those who helped with the tree trimming and old fence removable. This is working in Harmony.

I guess people don't realize this will be their last home when God calls for them. I know people don't like to talk about this but if it is going to be taken care of MT HARMONY NEEDS YOUR HELP. WE NEED NEW MEMBERS TO STEP UP TO BAT AND HELP.

WHETHER YOUR DONATION IS SMALL OR LARGE IT ALL HELPS TO MEET THE GOAL. Thanks to every one who has helped out in any way. I want you to know I have been treasurer since Jan 1,1960 and have not received any pay for what Clyde and I have done for the cemetery. President Janet Schroeder since Jan.1979 and she also has received no pay. We also file two reports to the State of Iowa. One for Perpetual Care Fund every year and the other for the Incorporation every two years which Janet Schroeder is the Registered Agent. Recorded June 1990 at the Court house at Elkader ,Iowa

Our lots for two people has gone from 60.00 dollars in 1961 to 100 in 1974 to 125.00 in 1989 to 140 .00 in 1995 to 400 in 2005. This is a 150 year report for Mount t Harmony Cemetery Association of Garber,Iowa. which used to be known as Elkport,Iowa . Mount Harmony Cemetery had to have the same address as the Registered Agent so was changed to Garber,Iowa . Helen Jennings was Registered Agent for 20 years and then turned it over to Janet Schroeder June 1990.

Dec 1,1979 Helen Jennings wrote to Melvin Synhorst about changing our address from Elkport to Garber address. Papers were made out and notarized and no problem, address changed to Garber. Iowa This is our Incorporation address Garber not Elkport.

May 1,1980 Flowers to be removed from cemetery by third Sunday in June unless they were on the stones out of the mowers way.. This is still in affect 2007.

April 6,1995 President Janet Schroeder brought up that so many people have asked that they wanted big stones and would buy lots if they could have the big upright stones. Held a lengthy discussion on this. Designated the last 2 rows at the bottom east end of new part to be laid out for people wanting the big stones. Could not be any place else in the new north  part.Motion made and second to vote on it (paper ballots used ) 11 yes -1 no vote carried. Present was Helen Thein, Glady's Smith, Irene Schroeder, Pauline Noack ,Mildred Hageman, Peg Schroeder, Betty Palmer,Jackie Meyer, Angie Lindenberg, Edna Willie, Bernadine Rentschler,Helen Jennings, Janet Schroeder, Nelda Willie. 14 present. Jackie couldn't vote as she just joined and Janet as President did not vote. Now it doesn't say who voted the NO. That is why it is done by ballot.

I checked the treasurer's book and we took in 14.00 dollars  that day so all the people listed where there.


I could go on but this is just a brief history of Mt Harmony Cemetery 150 years. Any questions call Helen 1-563-255-2650 or write Helen 33794 Jupiter Rd, Garber,Iowa 52048

 List of the plots on the different places

South  Bowman side 186 buried 16 left but all sold., Middle old part 775 buried few left  that could be sold. New north part 145 buried  room  yet for 255. Around 80 left to sell yet..

Thanks for all the work and organizing you have done with the cemetery. People are far more liberal with complaints than thanks. That is until the survival is threatened. The Kann Cemetery is a good example of one that was not taken care of for a number of years. The cattle walked through it and the people carried the rocks away from the abandoned church.


 All I ask is that people remember me as being the one who wouldn't take no for an answer. It could be done and was done.

The first land deed  was  in 1857 but there was burials there in 1849 & 1851. Would be interesting to know more about this.

This is Helen Jennings age 76 who has been working with Mt Harmony Cemetery at     Garber,Iowa for 49 years. She has been treasurer 48 years Jan 2008. This was her project

if she could get enough money or if not Clyde and Helen would pay the rest.. The

 pictures below are the rest of the project. More than just this Cemetery Stone. Helen  was dreaming that it would be nice to  put on the back of the stone IN HONOR OF OUR VETERANS.  Then  the flag was her next dream. Then things were going so well she ask President Janet Schroeder if the buildings were  worth putting a roof on. To this Janet said "YES" Next was to get her husband Hermie Schroeder to order the green steel roofing.

This was the first project done and Hermie donated his labor. Then Roger and Diane Bolsinger wanted something in memory of his folks  . We said we couldn't do anything personal  so the Bench in memory of our families from memorials  was  appropriate.  Listed below are the names of the people who donated money  for this project.




The stone and bench was done by  MANCHESTER  MONUMENT WORKS 406 W Main St, Manchester,Iowa 52057

Phone 1-563-927-3597


 When I took this picture the sun was not shining  so a little glare on it. This is really for every family buried at Mt Harmony but ,had to get the idea from someone .


These are the buildings  we need to do work on. Remember this is where you may be some day and your loved ones. So we all need to help as it doesn't get done by itself.

This is given in the order of your amount for donations. You know what you gave. Now 5 years later I will tell you.


.Mary Kahrs + 20 stamps Elkader 1,000

Pat Reid Thein Clarence,Ia 500.00

Roy Thein ,Oklahoma City ,Ok 500.00

Patty Costigan, Dubuque 400.00

Helen Thein Family Dubuque 337.00

George Hansel -WI 200.00

Marge Costigan-Elkader 200.00

Debra Williams- Garnavillo 200.00

Burnell Smith- Dubuque 200.00

Kirjah Amantea -La Jolla,CA 200.00

Julie Akers Bernot, SD 150.00

Ilo Kuehl -Elkader 150.00

Eugene Hafner, MD 127.00

Ronnie& Naida Combs Garber 125.00

Interest for 5 months on 8,000

Joyce Kuehl - Edgewood 100.00

Ivanelle Wilke- Elkader 100.00

Ronnie Willie- Garber 100.00

Richard Hafner- Dubuque 100.00

Cheryl Rutledge- Cedar,Rapids 100.00

Bernice Wold + 10 stamps St.Olaf 100,00

Sandy Brown-Walford,IA 100.00

Lawson Waterman-Colesburg 100.00

Jean McBride,MO 100.00

Ellen Haley-Dubuque 100.00

Violet Morris.VA 100.00

Alice Boehm,TX 100.00

Verla Finke- Iowa City 100.00

Clyde Jennings Garber 100.00

Donna Holthaus Colesburg 100.00

Isle of Capri-Ia 100.00

Faye Hoffman -Colesburg 100.00

Isle of Capri gave twice 200.00

Terry Krieg-Dubuque 100.00

Mary Osborn -Greene ,Ia 100.00

Cleo Singleton,TX 100.00

Betty Kuhlman- Colesburg 100.00

Randel Schweikert- Scio,OR 100.00

Marion Benskin- Deridder,LA 100.00

Keith Knospe- Elkader 100.00

Karl Kolz- Cedar Rapids 100.00

Judy Koski- Marion 100.00

Regina Buls-Waterloo 100.00

Joleen Fassbinder-Guttenberg 100.00

Owen Franks-Oelwein 100.00

Connie Arnold- Des Moines,Ia 100.00

Harold Knoke- Elkader 100.00

Ruth Walsh- WI 100.00

Walter Copeland- AZ 50.00

Gary Schroeder -Garber 50.00

Harold Aulwes -Garber 50.00

Kristian Arnold-Indianola,IA 50.00

Ronald Borrett- Marion 50.00

Mabel Murphy- Dundee 50.00

Loyal Ortman- IL 50.00

Marilyn Billings-Avon Park,FL 50.00

Angeline Lindenberg-Elkader 50.00

Jean Zittergruen- Garber 50,00

Kyle Horstman- Cedar Rapids 50.00

Suzanne Lindquist -AZ 50.00

Adrianne Gronau- WA 50.00

Layton Chettinger OK 50.00

Dean Knospe-IL 50.00

Dennis Beck- Elkader 50.00

Margie Harbaugh-Edgewood 50.00

Keith Peuker-Edgewood 50.00

Vernon Peuker-Edgewood 50.00

Ralph Kuehl- Cedar Rapids 50.00

Shirley Lewin-Edgewood 50.00

Zala Baade-Elkader 50.00

Mae Leach- Co 50.00

Sharon Curran- Elkader 50.00

Shirley Fosse- Nashua,IA 50,00

Jeanne Amsden-Shellburg 50.00

Muriel Straus-Guttenberg 50.00

Sharon Straus-AR 50.00

Betty Deal- West Union 50.00

Gene Ruegnitz- Garber 50.00

Archie Hindal- Des Moines,IA 50.00

Caroline Willie -Colesburg 50.00

Lois Kay Kruger,FL 50.00

Janice Bahls- Guttenberg 50.00

Eunice Christopherson- Center,Point,Ia 50.00

Randy Williams- Bettendorf,Ia 50.00

Bill Zittergruen-Garber 50.00

Mary Pearson-Cedar Rapids 45.00

Grace Kuehl-Garber 40.00

Edith Thein-Janesville 40.00

Thor Fisko-Elkader 40.00

Shirley Nelson- Cedar Rapids 30.00

Helen Hoffman- Guttenberg 30.00

Fred Jenkins - Garber 30.00

Richard Franks- Oelwein 30.00

Ray Williams- Elkader 30.00

Bud Hyde- Edegwood 25.00

Bernita Brady-Cedar Rapids 25.00

Florence Billmeyer Elkport 25.00

Brenda Allman- Guttenberg 25.00

Emma Lou Gull-Garber 25.00

Jack Kirschbaum-Waterloo 25.00

Neil Matt - PA 25.00

Jane Siebrecht-Garnavillo 25.00

Catherine Thein AZ 25.00

Lyle Hageman VA 25.00

Joann Elmer- West Union 25.00

Kay Nagel-Elkader 25.00

Eugene Garlow- Elkport 2500

Irene Schroeder- Garber 25.00

Gerhald Hansel,WI 25.00

Elaine Hansel-Cedar Rapids 25.00

Gary Johanningmeier-Waukon.IA 25.00

Barbara Norton-Marion,Ia 25.00

Frank O'Connor- Dyersville 25.00

Joel Rutledge- Le Claire 25.00

Lylas Pensel-Earlville 25.00

.Paul Sabin- Cedar Rapids 20.00

Darla Zittergruen- Garber 20.00

Shirley Tuecke-Garnavillo 20.00

Lowell Willie-Garnavillo 20.00

Roger Sears- Garber 20.00

Lyle Schroeder- Garber 20.00

Delpha Bowman- Garber 20.00

Esther Kolz- Garber 20.00

Selma Zittergruen- Elkader 20.00

Gary Hansel-Garnavillo 20.00

Phyliss Salow- Earlville 20.00

Raymond Kuehl-Cedar Rapids 15.00

LaVera Schenke-Colesburg 15.00

David Kahrs-St Olaf 15.00

Judy Kielman-Clarksville,Ia 15.00

Gerry Williams-Elkport 10.00

Irene Gleason-Colesburg 10.00

Juanita Sabin- Manchester 10.00

Ruth Knospe.-Elkport 5.00

Donations from 2005 above. I know there will be more.I hope!!! WE made

10,710 . 137 have donated. Still around 40 names that haven't donated .

Memorials & donations 2004 & 2005

Irma Glawe Memorial 5.00 Mark Bowman in 04

Clyde Jennings Memorials 35.00 in 04 & 05

Rentschler Lloyd & Bernadine Memorials 300.00 in 04

Irene Gleason Memorials 140.00 - 6-23-05

Deb Kruger- Memorial Bernadine Rentschler 25.00 in 04

Isle of Capri -Helen Jennings got 200.00 &100.00 in 03 & 04

Caroline Willie 50.00 & 40.00 donations in 03 & 04

Again Mt Harmony wants to say thank you for your donation.

and hope no one was offended. It has been 8 months now.

Any questions call me or e-mail. chjenn1949@gmail.com

1 563 933 6445

Helen Jennings Treasurer


Money taken in for the Cemetery Stone & Bench started April 19, 2007.

You know what you donated and that is all that matters. Given in order of donation

Now 5 years later I will tell you the amount

RonnieWhite --Ga 250.00

Roger Bolsinger- Garber 200.00

Hermie Schroder donated his time to do the roofs. 10 hours. 200.00


LaVern Wiskus- Colesburg 100.00

Harold Knoke- Elkader 100.00

Patty Costigan- Dubuque 100.00

Reid "PAT"Thein -Clarence 100.00

Regina Buls-Waterloo 100.00

Eugene Hafner--MD 100.00

Shirley Plagman- Guttenberg 100.00

Verla Finke- Iowa City 100.00

Irene O'Connor- Cedar Rapids 75.00

Virginia Bailey- Cedar Rapids 100.00

Virginia Kuehl- Cedar Rapids 100.00

James Bolsinger- Greeley 75.00

Ronnie & NaidaCombs- Garber 50.00

Ilo Kuehl- Mo- 50.00

Verla Finke- Iowa City 50.00

Kay Kruger- FL 50.00

John & Mary Osborn- Greene 50.00

Ronald Kuehl- FL 50.00

Shirley Lewin- Edgewood 50.00

James O'Sullivan Tx. 50.00

Lyle Morley- Osage 50.00

Bernice Wold -St Olaf 50.00

Bernita Brady Cedar Rapids 50.00

Faye Grimm, Dundee,Ia 50.00

Clyde & Helen Jennings- Garber 50.00

Curtis Noack, Guttenberg 50.00

Roger Kriebs, Ia 45.00

Catherine Thein, AZ 30.00

Lylas Pensel, Earlville 30.00

Una Groth -Garber 30,00

Frayne & Joyce Horstman-Elkport memorial for Jackie Rutledge Meyer 25.00

Mary Pearson, Cedar Rapids 25.00

George Kriebs- IL 25.00

Edith Thein- Janesville 25.00

Joyce Thurn, Edgewood 25.00

Gene & Jean Ruegnitz- Garber 25.00

Gloria & Harold Aulwes- Garber 25.00

Mae Leach, CO. 1,000

Mae Leach CO. 25.00

Jean Zittergruen, Garber 25.00

Sharon Curran, Elkader 25.00

BarbaraNorton, Blairstown 25.00

SuzanneLindquist- AZ 25.00

Irene Shayer - Tama 25.00

Delpha Bowman- Garber 25.00

Aldean Kuehl- Elkader 25.00

Ivanelle Wilke, Elkader 20.00

Majorie Taylor ,Elkader 20.00

Adrianne Gronau ,WA 20.00

Jack Kirschbaum, Waterloo 20.00

Alice Boehm, Cedar Rapids 20.00

Sargent, Strawberry Point- 20.00

memorial for Jackie Rutledge


Randel Schweikert, OR 20.00

Gary Schroeder, Garber 20.00

Lyle Schroder Garber 20.00

Meredith Moser, Guttenberg 20.00

Gary Thein MO. 20.00

Shelia Tomkins- Guttenberg 15.00

Elaine Blanchard, Guttenberg 15.00

Jennings- Garber memorial for Melvina Chettinger 13.00

Zala Baade, Elkader 12.00

LaVera Schenke. Colesburg 10.00

Raymond Kuehl, Cedar Falls 5.00

62 donations 11 from Elkport-Garber Area.. This is for the stone bench, roof and the 50ft fence maybe if enough is left. Will come close. What is left over will go in the general fund.

Thanks to every one who donated to this good cause.

 Money taken in in 2008 for Mt Harmony if not listed as a memorial it was a donation.

Randel & Nancy Schweikert Or. 25.00

Verla Finke  Ia  50.00

Jaleen Fassbinder Ia 50.00

 Memorial Martin Jaster from Jeff & Darcy Bolsinger 10.00

Memorial Martin Jaster from Family 400.00

Memorial Grace Kuehl from Donald Muller 25.00

Memorial Grace Kuehl from Clyde & Helen Jennings 10.00

Betty  Kraus Kulper 100.00

Blackburn Family Association PA 500.00

 Donations or memorials

Jan 28,2009

Faye Grimm, IA 25.00

Jean Zittergruen memorial for Selma Zittergruen 5.00

Jennings memorial for Selma Zittergruen 10.00

Selma Zittergruen memorial from Family 100.00

Marion Benskin 50.00

Mary Kahrs 100.00

Jean McBride 100.00

Lois Morarend 25.00

Randel Schweikert 25.00

Aldean Kuehl 25.00

Ronnie & Naida Combs 50.00

Anonymous 1,000.00

Meredith Borrett Moser 25.00

Patty Costigan 5,000


Donations or memorial 2010

Meredith Moser 25.00

Jean Zittergruen 10.00, Roger & LaVonne Latteyer Bush 10.00, Gary & Fern Latteyer Moser 10.00 memorial for Nelda Thein.

Clyde and Helen Jennings 10.00 memorial Edith Harbaugh Thein

These after I sent the letter to the papers

Randel Schweikert OR. 25.00

Aldean Kuehl 50.00

Shirley Plagman 50.00

Elizabeth Kulper 50.00

Bud & Mavis Hyde 25.00 Memorial for his mother

Richard Hafner 100.00

Lylas Sabin Pensel 25.00

Phyllis Sabin Salow 20.00

Kay Sabin Kruger 30.00

Clyde & Helen Jennings 25.00

Ronnie & Naida Combs 50.00

Jane Schneider Hansel from family 60.00

Zala Baade 20.00

Mary Kahrs 50.00

Ronald White Estate 200.00

Harold Knoke 162.00 memorial

Dennis Beck 100.00 donation

Craig Hansel CO. 300.00

Delpha Bowman 25.00

Julia Willman Memorial 10.00 from Joyce & Frayne Horstman 20.00 from the Willman Families

Delpha Bowman 10.00 memorial for Julia William

Julie Noggles Schad CA 30.00


Down to here for 2010 =1,437.00

Last year Combs donated 20.00 towards mole poison plus putting it out. Cemetery also got a box. They are putting it out again this year 2010.

Ronnie and Naida Combs straighten up one of the old stones John and Mary Pilkington really looks nice.

We spent a couple hours by hand using levers, bars, blocks,

shovels........got sand from the bottom. We used a long log chain and wrapped

around mid-way up the stone, then that thing, can't think of the name right now

that winches and had it hooked onto the back up the pick to hold it from coming

on over. It was tilted so badly to the south and a little to the east. We then

(moslty Ron (while I prayed) blocked and pryed a little bit at a time. Here

underneath it all were 2 large rocks running east & west about 1 foot deep

by 2 feet by 3 feet long & wide. The southern most rock had worked out from

under the base so we had to dig around it, get it out of there and dig some more

down to another base rock below it, then put it back under there and move it

north so it would be under the monument again. Then added some more smaller

rocks to even it up more. It was a much bigger job than I thought it would be

but it's better now than it was except Ron went a little more to the north at

the top because he thinks it will settle and shift with winter freezing and

thawing so it should come back a little to the south and end up being about

straight up and down in time. At least it's better than it was and don't think

it's going to fall on anyone now as it was in danger of doing just that


The workers Oct 6, 2010 were Lyle and Gary Schroeder, Joyce and Frayne Horstman, Jean Zittergruen, Ben and Joann Durley from Dubuque, Clyde and Helen Jennings. Ronnie and Naida Combs. Thanks so much for the help.

Donations & memorials for 2011

LaVonne & Roger Bush for Lester Hansel 10.00

Clark & Lareen Gull 20.00 for Lester Hansel

Memorials for LaVonne (Peg) Schroeder Frayne & Joyce Horstman 10.00, Gene & Jean Ruegnitz 5.00, Roger & Lavonne Bush 10.00, Dixie William 20.00 , CraigPritchard & Tami Bolsinger 20.00, Havery Bolsinger & Heidi Meyer 25.00, Clark & Lareen Gull 15.00, By Peg's family from other memorials 200.00

Dennis Beck Elkader,Ia for Harold Knoke 50.00

Lawson Waterman Colesburg, Ia 100.00

Julie Noggles Schad CA 50.00

Randel Schweikert Or. 20.00

Bud & Mavis Hyde in memory of his mother Gertrude 25.00

Ronnie & Naida Combs 50.00

Levern & Virginia Boehm Schmidt 100.00

Elizabeth Kulper 50.00

Lester Hansel memorial 113.33 from family

Mary Kahrs 100.00

To here Aug 7,2011 830.33 if added right

LaVonne & Roger Bush for Jim Bolsinger 10.00

Iola & Elmer Kuehl's daughters donated back to the cemetery 2 lots and Helen sold them to Kenneth & Velma Kuehl for 405 dollars which 5 dollars goes to the state of Iowa. Leaving us 400.00 with 100 going into perpetual care fund. Leaving us 300.00 for general fund. I have written them a thank you note. One of the many things I do for Mt Harmony.

Lawson Waterman 50.00 donation for his wife and folks.

Bernice Wold 100.00 for Lester and Bernice Thein, Nelda & Wilbur Willie and all other Thein's that are buried there.

Mary Thein Pearson 50.00 for her folks Lester & Bernice Thein You do a wonderful job. And Congratulations on the KCRG Award.

Some people are so nice. Thanks to all of you. Helen Jennings

Jan 2012 donations

Helen Jennings 500.00 dollars from 9 Who Care Award.

Clark & Lareen Gull Jr 15.00 for Joyce W Smith.

Randal Schweikert of OR 50.00 for all the Schweikert relatives buried at Mt Harmony. Look what he has donated.

Laverne & Virgina Boehm Schmidt 150.00 for her folks.

Bud & Mavis Hyde for Gertrude Hyde his mother 25.00

Phyllis Peterson 150.00 Albuquerque, N.M

Gerald & Irene Lundt Shayer 150.00 from Tama, Ia

Jay & Joann Kolker for George Kriebs Memorial 50.00

Ronnie & Naida Combs for the mole poison for 2012 and putting it out.Their donation for the year.

Clyde and Helen Jennings paid 25.00 for information to get Cornelius Baxter a Civil War Veteran stone.

200.00 dollars from Gene Ruegnitz and Clyde and Helen Jennings.

Jeffrey H Mitchell from CA. 50.00

Robert Fenchel 15.00 from KY

Julie Noggle Schad & Robert Schad Ca 75.00

Lawson Waterman Colesburg 50.00 for family.

Lole Kulper 10.00 memorial from Clyde & Helen Jennings

Lole Kupler 10.00 memorial from Ilo Moser

Lole Kupler 40.00 memorial from Darcy & Louise Bush, Anita ,Tish & Roz Bond

Jane & Lester Hansel 20.00 from Kenny & Diane Greve Christmas Memorial.

For the year 2013

Mae Wathen Leach Estate 2,000 for her folks Fred and Alma.

Burnell Smith 1,000 donation for his folks Carter & Hildegard plus other family members.

Gene & Jean Ruegnitz 500.00 donation

Debra Thein 100.00 for husband Gary Thein donation

 Frayne & Joyce Horstman 25.00 for Lavern Sargent

Ronnie & Naida Combs 100.00 Julie & Robert Schad CA. 75.00

Bud & Mavis Hyde 25.00

Phyliss Peterson N M 300.00

Lester Hansel Estate 30.89

Donations 2014

Lawson Waterman 50.00

Aldean Kuehl 350.00 for John Kuehl & wife

Bud Hyde 25.00 for his mother

Clyde & Helen Jennings 15.00 for Jennings Family

Mary V Kahrs Revocable Trust 15,000.00 Perpetual Care fund only.

LaVonne Bush 10.00 for Glen Gleason

Arlyn & Lavonne Herzog 10.00 for Curtis Noack

Mark & Barb Meyer 20.00 for Curtis Noack

Kelly Mendez for her father Curtis Noack 100.00

Clyde& Helen Jennings 10.00 for Esther & Paul Kolz

Karl Kolz 100.00 for his folks Esther & Paul Kolz

Lawson Waterson 50.00 for his wife Annie


Lester & Jane  Hansel Estate 16.98

LaVerne & Shirley Plagman Estate 35.46

Bolsinger Reunion 50.00 for Bill Bolsinger

Bud Hyde 25.00 for his mother Gertrude Hansel  Hyde


Thank you so much for all your donations.


I thank all you folks for this money.

I have been taking donations and memorials since 2005 when I sent out emails & letters to family.. We have laid to rest at Mt Harmony 60 people since 2oo4. May they rest in peace in a beautiful cemetery. What I don't understand is why some people are so generous and others don't understand who takes care of the cemetery or give a hoot how it is done. The same people should not have to donate all the time to keep it going.. This is your  loved ones last home and it takes money to keep it going. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.


Gary Schroeder,Julie Moody and Lawson Waterman put on the flags for Mt Harmony Cemetery . Ronnie & Nadia Combs have been working on the moles for 3 years now.
Mt Harmony received a 305.00 memorial for Peg Schroeder. Harold  Knoke memorial 312.00 .This is what really helps our small cemeteries. I made a mistake when putting in the paper. Jean Zittergruen   had the treasure's book checking it over. Sorry about that.

Again I say THANK YOU THANK YOU  and God Bless those who haven't ever donated any thing .Wonder what your folks would say??????????? That is life .


 I want to tell you you are not hurting me by not donating to a cemetery  only your loved ones who are buried there. Think about it. Whether it be Mt Harmony or another cemetery.