Welcome To Elkport Garber Iowa Where the Rivers Run Wild

Garber Ia 1906-2008

This is the flood that hit Garber,Iowa June 8,2008 Photo by Elkader Register, Elkader,Iowa 52043 At the bottom of the picture is how the Jennings family get to town when the water goes down. So you always want to have a few things on hand. Clyde has known about these things for 84 years come Sept.
When his sister Inez was born  March 12,1929 they had to bring DR.  Kriebs from Elkport across in a boat to get to the house on the hill.Their father Arthur was born in the same house 1899. I would say the Jennings Family is the oldest family name  still living in the Elkport/Garber Area.
   Garber,July 1908
  St John's Church Garber,Iowa May 1925.
 Garber's  first Bank 1909
 Turkey River Bridge  towards Jennings Place if this is marked right. 
This bridge was flooded out in 1895 and they  had to build a new one. The timbers were use in the Jennings barn built in 1896. Edwin Jennings farm . Below is the barn picture taken March. 11,2013 . Sent to Helen by Hank Zaletel. He is not from the Garber area.
Voss  Store On a Saturday Night in Garber,Iowa
This says Garber,Ia  so was it a Hotel? If any one knows e-mail me.
 Picture from Garber ,Iowa  . Dark building is the depot.
 I would say this is the old depot, to the right would be  across the river to Jennings hill. You can see a house and a Amling lived there across the bridge. Don't know the year but you can tell there was a flood.