Welcome To Elkport Garber Iowa Where the Rivers Run Wild

Community Club News

Four of these signs were put up by the Elkport /Garber Community Club.

“A successful business is measured not by the owner doing extraordinary things but by its staff doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” 

- Unknown 

The Elkport./Garber Community Club Meets the Second Tuesday of the Month at the Garber Fire Station. Next meeting  Oct 13,, 2009  at 7 P.M.

If any one has any thing they would like to add for things going on at Elkport/Garber,Iowa . Please e-mail me at chjenn@alpinecom.net

Like old pictures you can send to me or any old history about the towns. Helen Jennings 33794 Jupiter Rd, Garber,Iowa 52048

The Elkport -Garber Community Club meets the second Tuesday of the month at the Garber,Ia Fire Station. Mark your calendar . We need new members so plan on attending.


This is the old Elkport Hall built in 1906 and taken down in 2006 due to the flood May 23,2004. On the right is a garage owned by Marvin Rodenberg. Had been out of business for a few years. Eugene and Leo Hansel had it before as did Bob Hafner and Joe Krepfle.
 This is the Elkport/ Garber Community Club Building before the Flood May 23,2004. See where the high water mark was. It is all demolished and we are in the planning stage of building a new one in Elkport. It will be back on the hill side where Tommy and Betty Phelan used to live.