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Mt Harmony Cemetery


Elktownship Clayton county but nothing from the state. $5 .00 for each soldier's grave . The rest has to come from interest money. So nice if you have some principal. Or you are in trouble. Mt Harmony gets $650.00 dollars from Elk township and we are the biggest one in Elk township. $330.00 for care of 66 soldiers graves. The rest has to come from interest or donations. Costs $3,150.00 dollars for the mowing & spraying. So it takes $2,170 in interest to pay for the care of Mt Harmony.

So if you had 60,000 X 3 % = 1800.00 You would be short $370.00 dollars.for the year.

3,150.00 care of mowing & spraying

- 980,00 Elk township & care of Soldiers graves


2,170.00 Need from Interest

- 1,800.00 Interest at 3% on 60,000


370.00 short for the year.

These small cemetery in Clayton county are hurting for money some worse than others. Like I said last year I know times are rough but don't think it would hurt anybody to send a donation of 5 to 10 dollars all helps . Just ask the cemetery officers how they are doing. When you use the principal then you have no interest after awhile. Just don't know why I can't make people understand this.

The people over looking these cemeteries get paid nothing. At Mt Harmony I have done this for 51 years now . Janet Schroeder for 33. Whether it be Mt Harmony,Hansel,Bethel,Brown, Oakhill, Union or Zion I know they all need help.